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Kingswood Security – COVID19 Solutions

COVID19 has been the forefront subject of our conversations for the past few months, and quite rightly so, it has affecting millions of people’s lives across the globe.

Due to this pandemic, Security manufacturers have come up with possible solutions to prevent further spread which protects you and the workforce.

Kingswood Security have teamed up with many distributors across the UK to provide you with the latest technology to be a part of this preventative order.

As a Security Company we feel deeply obligated to provide this technology to as many companies as possible to ensure the safety for the public especially when heading back to work.

Please see below the latest technology we have to offer.

Face & Wrist Thermal Temperature Solution

thermal camera - Covid 19 SafetyThis is a non-contact indoor wrist temperature measurement device with people counting and voice prompts is so easy to use making entry into a place of work or other facility non-obtrusive! It displays real time temperatures along with normal and abnormal temperature counts on a good size 7” LCD Touch Screen. The unit can be set to alarm on abnormal temperature and indicate on screen a tick or cross.

This device will help to instantly give users confidence that a place of work or venue has taken all necessary steps to protect their employees and visitors.

Key Features –

  • Non-contact detection, safer and more efficient
  • Temperature screening accuracy: < +3C
  • Wrist temperature distance: 1cm to 4cm
  • Face recognition accuracy rate >99%
  • Fever detection and no mask detection with voice alerts
  • Full access Control functions with free software provided
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Density Control Solution –

Density Control Solutions 300x179 - Covid 19 SafetyIn the current unprecedented climate, in order to enable social distancing, it is imperative that buildings and facilities limit the number of people allowed inside. Many supermarkets for instance have a current maximum of 100 people let in at a time. This gives customers peace of mind that the building will not be overcrowded at any time.

Our Density Control Solution automatically provides clear signage and ways to avoid overcrowding.

Contactless Door release button –

Door release button 1  - Covid 19 SafetyThese contactless buttons are ideal for helping to prevent the spread of germs and viruses in public areas such as office blocks, restaurants, hotels etc.

They can easily be replaced by the existing push buttons you may have already existing, which would be a great upgrade at a small cost.

Voice Activated Intercom –

video intercom - Covid 19 SafetyKingswood Security offer the latest technology of voice-activated intercoms and is one of the most advanced, smart IP door intercom devices on today’s market. Featuring a high-impact touchscreen interface with intuitive Android-based user interface, this smart door phone device offers a wide range of authentication options for door intercom and access control systems. Our smart door intercoms our fully equipped with dual-cameras, NFC & Bluetooth contactless authentication, RFID Card Reader, secure infrared Face Recognition and QR Code Scanner for an all-round secure, smart intercom/access system.

Room Sanitizers –

TeaTree 2000x 300x300 - Covid 19 SafetyWe have a simple spray can that meets the British standards BS EN 1276 & BS EN 1650.

The spray eliminates a broad spectrum of bacteria including E- coli, Salmonella and Legionella. It also kills germs responsible for colds, flu, staph infections, and MRSA for a healthier environmentIt also actively fights against Corona Virus

The great thing about this spray is that is remains active for up to 7 days after use and has a very simple “lock & leave” system that is very cost-effective and acts fast.

These are just some of many solutions Kingswood Security offer, and if required we can show you a full demo at our showroom to give you more confidence in these products.

We are determined to provide you the highest standard of technology for the most reasonable prices suitable for all.

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The Security Industry over the last few years has rapidly progressed. Individuals and companies are making use of our services more than ever before as they are becoming more comfortable with the benefits we bring. Security is now integral to ones personal and business life.

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