Automated Gates & Bollards from Kingswood Security

Protection for offices and homes

Here at Kingswood Security we are renowned for our high-quality gates, barriers and bollards, providing you the customer with the all-important security and privacy. Being a Gate Safe Premier Installer, all engineers and office staff have received training to understand and construct your gate system safely and to meet HSE standards.

Automated Gates

Constructed from high-grade wrought iron, aluminium, hardwood timber and even our new range of composite wood, our gates provide a sturdy safe barrier that is made to last. The complete system is designed by our Gate Safe Installers and all safety measures are thought of.

There are many ways to secure you property whether it be your home or business. Some of these designs are as follows:

Swing Gates

This is the most common design of gates that are seen at residential properties. This type of gate can only be installed on level ground to ensure its safe use. Arms can be located underground to manoeuvre the gates or be fitted onto the gates themselves. We only use trusted motors and arms for our gates.

Roller Gates

Roller gates provide an excellent alternative to swing gates when faces with a short or rising driveway. In the open position the driveway is left completely free from obstruction.

Bi-Fold Gates

When your property may lack in area space, bi-fold gates are a brilliant solution, this doesn’t mean that you have a less effective or beautiful gate, this just means you have a gate that benefits your property, utilising the space you have in the best possible way.

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Rising Bollards/automatic or static bollards are the perfect solution to prevent vehicle movements but still maintain predestination access. Rising bollards are suitable for use in locations where an automatic barrier system is not always practical.

Some examples of these applications for rising bollards are pedestrian zones with restricted vehicle access, shopping centres and government buildings.

Car Park Barriers

Car park barriers have been a long-time favourite for effectively securing a car park which offers restricted entry in parking areas for authorised users. We can integrate the barrier with a telephone/video entry system or access control to compliment the system and be used effectively.

With this barriers (ANPR) Automatic Number Plate Recognition) can be integrated for a seamless solution.

Our Accreditations

The fast pace world of technology is ever changing and this is no different when it comes to security electronics, trying to keep up with it all can be a nightmare for many and that’s where we come in, as a company owner I’m always on the pulse to make sure you receive the very latest system that is both powerful and yet user friendly at a price that suits all budgets.

Jamie Hawley, Director