Commercial CCTV from Kingswood Security

Giving you peace of mind

Kingswood Security understand how important it is to keep your business safe from theft, vandalism and violence.

Having the responsibility of keeping employee’s safe means that well positioned cameras in and out the office can only be a good thing for you and your business.

We also offer a full in-depth security consultation of your building to provide you with enough feedback for you to decide based on our findings.

Following your decision to have CCTV we have a team of fully trained installers who can install the system to the highest level of standard.

Please look at some other solutions you may be interested in.

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Carpark Solutions

Kingswood Security also have car park solutions that provide you with our latest ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition) camera systems which is capable of reading and recording vehicle number plates with high accuracy on a software that’s easy to use for end users.

In the past, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) systems have been costly, unreliable, and only relevant for a limited number of applications.

Our ANPR cameras, engineered with deep learning algorithms and GPU processors, are extremely accurate, more than enough to overcome previous challenges. For more details on this system, please do not hesitate to contact us.

People Counting

Calculating the numbers of shoppers who enter your store or mall throughout the day can help you to improve your operations in several ways.

Counting people in-store helps retailers optimize their strategies and maximize conversion and revenues. For more information on how this system could benefit you please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter protection plays a crucial role in any physical security system, whether protecting critical infrastructure, high-risk sites, commercial residential sites, retail spaces, or any other urban or remote location. For more information on how this system could benefit you please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Accreditations

With the crime rate unfortunately on the rise, I am proud to be in the security industry knowing that we can make even the smallest of differences. Knowing that Kingswood Security can provide peace of mind to someone and their household can be very rewarding. Therefore, it is imperative to keep systems at a high quality but also being cost-effective for every households needs.

Andrew Ady, Director