Domestic CCTV Systems from Kingswood Security

Keep an eye on your home 24/7 with Kingswood Security

CCTV is becoming more and more popular in public places and it is a proven deterrent to crime.

Not just to deter and protect from thieves but also for the peace of mind of being able to securely “check in” on the home from work or when you are on holiday from the comfort of your devices.

Most thieves and criminals fear that their activities will be seen and recorded.

Sometimes criminals who are undeterred or maybe just unaware of a surveillance system are recorded and later identified and brought to justice.

CCTV is a growing demand by homeowners who have become security conscience as unfortunately there has been an increase in car theft and break ins throughout UK

CCTV systems are also becoming more popular due to the affordability, and it’s well worth the cost just to have that peace of mind especially for the high resolutions results.

We have a team of fully trained installers who can install CCTV systems to protect your property using the most up-to date technology and equipment available on the market.

We also offer a full in-depth security consultation of your building to provide you with enough feedback for you to decide based on our findings.

Our site survey team will be more than happy to help design a suitable system for you, please give us a call on 02034327986.  

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With the crime rate unfortunately on the rise, I am proud to be in the security industry knowing that we can make even the smallest of differences. Knowing that Kingswood Security can provide peace of mind to someone and their household can be very rewarding. Therefore, it is imperative to keep systems at a high quality but also being cost-effective for every households needs.

Andrew Ady, Director