Intercoms from Kingswood Security

Control who accesses your premises safely with our intercoms

Kingswood Security understand that it is important for you to feel comfortable in your own home.

Video intercoms are a perfect solution for those who would like to know exactly who is at the front door of your property without opening the door and making yourself vulnerable.

Video intercom installations are not only allowing you to see who’s visiting your home, but it also takes your security system to the next level.

Visitors can be interrogated with the latest range of audio and video door entry systems linked to handsets monitors or now the modern internal recessed modules within the property which look lovely.

Whatever your needs may be, we can attach video cameras system to any of the different entry points you may have whether they are door or gates.

Installing a video intercom will not only allow you to see in high definition who is visiting your home or office, but it gives you full control over who can enter and who can’t.

Our team of fully trained expert engineers will guide you in the right way and offer the best possible solution for your needs. We will survey the property and give you an in-depth review on what you need.

While installing a video intercom, we’ll make sure that it is easily accessible to elderly or disabled visitors as this gives peace of mind.

Kingswood Security we will help you decide on which products are right for you to protect your house or office from intruders, and we will make sure that we leave you with a full understanding of how things work.

Our installers have a vast experience and we guarantee that the install will be of a very high standard.

The systems we offer may vary from a single button audio calling station outside the premises, to large audio/video multi-calling stations to audio video multi-handset systems, typically in blocks of apartments.

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In addition to the system we offer, we can integrate entry panels to telephone systems so that a telephone or telephone extension on a switchboard can answer an entry panel call, or indeed the entry panel can make a call to anywhere in the world, and from that location the door or gate can be unlocked remotely.

It’s important to ensure functionality of your access control system through regular maintenance and checks, this is very important as the safety features of the intercom may not work due to a lack of care and constant usage.

We not only maintain, but we can also install, upgrade and do residential intercom repair, intercom phone repair and other common issues.

We would recommend regular visits to site, so that the system will work effectively, giving you peace of mind, knowing that the intercom system works.

Whether you need an intercom doorbell repair, apartment intercom repair or an expert and quick intercom repair service in our team are here for you.

Our site survey team will be more than happy to help design a suitable system for you, please give us a call on 020 3432 7986.

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The fast pace world of technology is ever changing and this is no different when it comes to security electronics, trying to keep up with it all can be a nightmare for many and that’s where we come in, as a company owner I’m always on the pulse to make sure you receive the very latest system that is both powerful and yet user friendly at a price that suits all budgets.

Jamie Hawley, Director