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Our Values

At Kingswood Security we pride ourselves on our strong beliefs and we are unflinching when it comes to upholding those values that we live and operate by, we undertake every task with these values in mind, resulting in a service you can trust in, time and time again.
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Specialty Services

Here at Kingswood, our services are based around our core values


We approach every job with a sense of forthrightness and transparency, so that you can be confident with who you are placing your trust.


Our Clients need to know that they can fall back on our experience and knowledge helping us excel to a high professional standard.


Our employees are treated with the same sense of care and respect that we show to our clients. This creates a unique level of trust which is beneficial to our clients.

Our Accreditations

The Security Industry over the last few years has rapidly progressed. Individuals and companies are making use of our services more than ever before as they are becoming more comfortable with the benefits we bring. Security is now integral to ones personal and business life.

Peter Phillips, Managing Director